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Marathrone: A race to the throne. 
by: Team Atom

A submission for the TV GAME JAM. 
Made in 3 days.

This game is based on the TV Show "Game of Thrones", wherein basically they are fighting to sit on the throne.

Team Atom:
Artist - Lawrence Aguila (thedawneagle)
Designer - Richard Bryce Syyap (brysuu)
Programmer - John Karlo Maninang (kkyloves)


It’s a race to rule the kingdom! MaraTHRONE is a fast-paced, top-down rpg where you will lead your character to the end, where the throne to rule them all awaits.

Click on the towns to move your character and make it all the way to the end! On the way to the throne, you’ll face a series of unfortunate events that will hinder your progress so choose your character and your paths wisely!

Random Events List:

Blizzard - Characters jump slower to the next block.

Debt - Characters will enter debt, but will need to roll 3 to progress. If characters fail to roll 3, they remain stationary for 5 seconds.

Earthquake - All character movement is hindered.

Wildfire - Random towns will be burn and inaccessible for 5 seconds. Characters caught by Wildfire for 2 seconds are sent back to the start. 

Combat - Combat triggers when two characters stay on the same town. Once combat starts, both characters will randomly roll from 1-6. The character with the higher roll stays while the loser goes back to the start. Tied rolls will lead to rerolls.


House Arrien - will not be affected by Earthquake and can move normally during that event.

House Paratheon - gains +1 during their Combat rolls.

House Cannisters - during Debt, does not need to roll and can move normally.

House Parks - not affected by Blizzard ailment. Can move normally during Blizzards.

House Dracarys - not affected by Wildfires. Can pass on burning blocks.

Plans for next Update (if possible hehe):

New Event: War and Storm
New Characters: House Gregjo and House Tharell
Balance the Events
Improve AI
New Map


Marathrone.rar 22 MB


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I really loved this! A perfect example of interesting gameplay with really simple execution. Fast, uncluttered, and a cool "tabletop" sort of experience that I was instantly into it. 

My only suggestion would be to tell players what the goal is visually in the game. I understand if you don't want to show the final location because revealing the map as you go is a part of the gameplay, but you could at least in the event screen have an icon of the castle or whatever it was that says something like "reach the throne to win" so players know what they're looking for on the map.

Really wonderful idea at any rate and definitely worth updating to add more events. Good job and good luck with it!


Wow Thank you for playing it. I watched it and it is an honor. #HouseDracarys haha
Noted on all your suggestions. Again thank you so much.